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Brooks Brothers wanted to digitally transform their business processes and selected a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform Vinyl, built by Zudy, to build a custom ‘Store Excellence’ solution. The results are higher store associate productivity, elimination of manual, paper-based processes and overall higher customer satisfaction. Zudy’s No-Code platform, Vinyl, has become the solution of choice for all store processes. In choosing Zudy, Brooks Brothers has departed from outdated “best practices,” conventional software selections and waterfall implementation, and shown that applications built on the right platform are superior and game changing for their company.

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iHEART MEDIA Customer Success Brief

The Business Problem:

iHeartMedia needed a scalable application to meet the needs of their complex and demanding Endorsement business.

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PURDUE Case Study

Using the Right Solution to Propel Digital Transformation

A leading pharmaceutical company, using standard enterprise software applications, struggled with meeting the ever-changing needs of the business. Digital transformation of business processes was lagging and attempts to create mobile apps had fallen short. The complexities of enhancing and augmenting legacy systems kept IT overloaded with requests and unable to innovate. Users constantly had to log onto many different systems each day, struggling with many disparate data sources to get the information they needed. The time and effort involved in gaining insights into important business activities caused constant delays in getting the right information at the right time to take action.

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Breaking the Code: Cape Cod entrepeneurs develop groundbreaking IT platform

Vinyl allows clients to create powerful business applications that perform any business function, from human resources to sales, without having to use programming languages or code. Read More



Meet the visionary software company with the world's only 'No-Code' AppDev platform

Digital transformation enabled with the use of a ‘No-Code’ platform can improve many key drivers of business performance and provide new business models and revenue streams. Read More



Technology eggs Cal-Maine Foods to success

Cal-Maine Foods Inc. reduced the time to create and deploy apps by 75% with our No-Code platform, Vinyl. Read More






Trending in Harwich

Indeed, get ready to see some new faces in town as Zudy will be bringing in customers from all over the world to train them on application building using the Vinyl platform. Read More



Cardin Partners Announces the "SaaS Quick 25"

Zudy among the 25 Fastest Growing B2B Enterprise SaaS Companies, Globally. Read More




The Surprising Secret To Stericycle's Digital Transformation

The Low-Code/No-Code movement will disrupt all application development. Read More




Make a Rational Decision about Low-Code/No-Code

What's not to love about Low-Code/No-Code platforms? Read More





Meet the makers of the world's most advanced Enterprise AppDev Platform: Zudy

Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises is important not just for survival, but for increased productivity and business agility as well. Read More



 To suite customer nuances, Brooks Brothers rolled out a tailor-made app 

The manufactoring process, however, is a timely ordeal and takes months to provide a customer with a product tailored for the best style and fit. That's one of the reasons Brooks Brothers turned toward technology to streamline its business processes. Partnering with Zudy...Read More



5 No-Code App Dev Platforms IT Teams Will Be Asking For In 2017

With just 15 percent of IT's time going to innovation, it's easy to see how citizen developers taking on app dev is lending a hand to help IT teams. This might make IT teams fear for their jobs, but with a host of new no-code app dev plaforms, IT teams are free to solve business critical tasks to show real value. So, what are the no-code app dev platforms that IT teams will be begging for in 2017? Read More




A coding revolution in the office cube sends message of change to IT

Low-code platforms are giving rise to a new generation of coders. They're called citizen developers. These developers don't necessarily have formal computer science education. Nor do they work in IT. But with low-code platforms and online tutorials to help build new applications, citizen developers often solve problems encountered in their day-to-day work. Read More




Tackling Tech: Patriots, Zudy and Digital Transformation

What do New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman and app development innovator Zudy have in common?

 Both are known for being quick - Edelman in his route running - and Zudy for enabling the creation of mobile/web apps in days or weeks instead of months or years. Read More





Tackling Tech: Speeding NFL Mobile App Creation with Zudy

With technology enabling companies to enhance and advance their strategies, you don't often hear of tech keeping companies from reaching their business potential. But that's precisely the case with mobile application development as it typically takes three parallel sets of programmers, hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and six months to create apps – and that's just for the ones that can justify the huge cost and survive the wait. Read More




South Florida Business Journal

"As enterprises deal with transformation from the digital revolution, their biggest issue is the lack of evolution with application development," Zudy co-founder Tom Kennedy said in a news release. "It's time to stop coding and start creating value. Vinyl will change attitudes about application development and begin to liberate innovation in the enterprise again."Read More




Tech Cocktail

Miami-based startup Zudy announced today the release of Vinyl, a technology-agnostic no-code development platform that enables enterprise businesses to rapidly build highly-configurable applications. Companies can build mobile and web apps in days rather than months, on any device and operating Read More


Press Releases

Zudy Announces New Corporate Headquarters in Miami Beach, July 2017

Company purchases premier space at Industry Lofts to accommodate rapid growth. Read More


Zudy to Add Jobs and Expand Innovative Technology Center on Cape Cod, June 2017

Zudy, the digital transformation company with a revolutionary no-code platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today their new advanced training facility and AppFactory on Cape Cod. Zudy now occupies the former headquarters of BackOffice Associates, a software and services company built by Zudy founders Tom and Trish Kennedy, and sold to Goldman Sachs in 2012. With high product demand and the explosive growth of the company, Zudy plans to add 350 new jobs by the end of 2018. Read More



Forrester Digital Transformation, May 2017
Zudy, the digital transformation company with a no-code, model driven platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today it will be a Platinum sponsor at Forrester’s Digital Transformation 2017, May 9-10, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. Zudy will exhibit in booth #9. Forrester’s Digital Transformation 2017 prepares enterprises for the digital future and brings together business leaders and technology innovators to collaborate on the re-invention of products, processes, technologies and cultures through digital transformation. Read More 
Tackling Tech, August 2016
Zudy, the digital transformation company with a no-code,model driven platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today it has partnered with the New England Patriots and will be the technology sponsor of “Tackling Tech.” Tackling Tech is the Patriots weekly column that keeps fans up to date with the latest technology advances and issues affecting sports fans. Read More 
Forrester Digital Transformation, May 2016
Zudy, the digital transformation company with a no-code, model driven platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today it will be a Premier sponsor of the Forrester Digital Transformation 2016, Forum For Technology Management and Business Leaders, May 10-11, at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, FL. Zudy will exhibit in booth #206. The Forrester Digital Transformation Forum prepares enterprises for the digital future and brings together business leaders and technology innovators to accelerate business technology and digital strategy alignment. Read More
Gartner Summit, December 2015
Zudy, the enterprise application development company with a breakthrough no-code platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today it will be a Silver sponsor of the Gartner Application, Architecture, Development and Integration Summit, December 1-3, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. The company will exhibit in booth #208. The Gartner AADI Summit prepares enterprises for the digital future as well as updating app strategies with the latest insights on mobile, cloud, analytics, user experience and API’s, allowing them to maximize the power of application strategies to lead digital innovation. Read More 
Gartner Catalyst Conference, August 2015
Zudy, the visionary enterprise application development company with a breakthrough no-code platform known as Vinyl Software®, announced today it will be a platinum sponsor of the Gartner Catalyst Conference, August 10-13th, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA. The Gartner Catalyst event provides practical solutions, actionable advice & principled objectivity for the enterprise. Gartner Catalyst Conference is designed to leave enterprises with a blueprint for project planning & execution. Read More 
Zudy hires Charles Nardi, January 2015
Zudy announced that Charles Nardi joined the company as CEO and member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Prior to Zudy, Charles was a Managing Director in Accenture’s Digital and Analytics Practice. Nardi is a 25-year veteran of the IT industry, holding key leadership positions at BackOffice Associates, Aptuit and Purdue Pharmaceuticals, in addition to Accenture. He will lead a talented Zudy team into an industry growing at an unprecedented rate of 215% year over year, with Application Development spending topping $515 billion in 2014.
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Zudy Secures $7.5M Funding, December 2014
Zudy announced today the finalization of $7.5 Million in funding from Miami Stuff, LLC. Zudy, a visionary enterprise platform software company is building a breakthrough no-code development environment. Zudy’s platform will enable enterprises to build highly configurable mobile and web applications in just days rather than months. Zudy, headquartered in Miami Beach, will use the funds for key hires, R&D and the build out of its partner program.
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