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The First No-Code Enterprise Application Development Platform

It’s hard to see the future, but we believe the future of application development will look a lot more like VINYL than anything you are using today. —  Tom Kennedy, Co Founder

VINYL will...

Leverage existing legacy applications, enhancing your investments while modernizing and mobilizing. Empower Citizen Developers and IT to cultivate ideas and build value for your enterprise. Accelerate application development to days instead of months, ending the backlog of innovation.

VINYL's architecture is the key to our
flexible "design and build" environment.

VINYL by Zudy

PURDUE Case Study

Using the Right Solution to Propel Digital Transformation

A leading pharmaceutical company, using standard enterprise software applications, struggled with meeting the ever-changing needs of the business. Digital transformation of business processes was lagging and attempts to create mobile apps had fallen short. The complexities of enhancing and augmenting legacy systems kept IT overloaded with requests and unable to innovate. Users constantly had to log onto many different systems each day, struggling with many disparate data sources to get the information they needed. The time and effort involved in gaining insights into important business activities caused constant delays in getting the right information at the right time to take action.

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    VINYL's Lite IntegrationTM

    Current integration techniques are complex and expensive.  ETL and Data Warehousing projects require expert resources and months of development.  VINYL's Lite Integration binds, relates and displays data at the UI level in minutes without affecting your source systems.  VINYL enables cross-platform CRUD across multiple data sources at the same time. VINYL allows you to create beautiful yet powerful applications and charts from multiple data sources allowing complex analytics all together on the same screen without writing a single line of code.

     VINYL's Lite Integration


    The VINYL

    6-12 Months for Development



    Development in Hours

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    * for Mid-Size to Large Enterprises.