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AppDev Life™ is here to promote a new world view of enterprise AppDev.  We’d like to help you make AppDev Life™ fun and fast. We will help you explore new ways of getting applications built that you’ve never dreamed possible.

Imagine your typical night, you Uber to your OpenTable reservation, then head home to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix. You probably checked Facebook and maybe Twitter along the way while receiving CNN breaking news updates.  Digital transformation is happening at light speed all around us.

You probably have some great ideas right now on how to help your business better compete but you just don’t have the time or bandwidth to build the app.

Remember all the talk and the meetings about digital transformation don’t really get you anywhere.  Until you build the app or automate the business process, there can be no  digital transformation.


Change is scary, but change is good. Let’s change the way you think about AppDev.  Come join AppDev Life™, let’s exchange ideas and help each other make AppDev Life™ the best life!

The writers here at AppDev Life™ are pretty much considered leading experts in the world of appdev. You know the 10,000 hour thing to become an expert?  Well we have spent the last 100,000 hours thinking inventing and changing the landscape of AppDev for the Enterprise.  It’s our life and we think you will start to achieve some remarkable results when you start thinking about Appdev the way we think about AppDev.

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