Disrupt or Disappear

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A small company with $200,000 in seed money began taking over the personal transportation industry. Did the taxicab companies see Uber coming? They did not. 5 years later, the bankruptcies started and many established taxi and limo companies have disappeared.  Personal transportation will never be the same and yet the companies best positioned to take advantage of the digital revolution ignored the digital revolution. They stood by and watched the evolution of their industry while their companies became extinct.

Is Your Business About to be Digitally Disrupted?

Yes it is! Digital disruption is happening in every industry and business. No business is immune and yet many are still relying on status quo strategies and stubborn IT departments who are entrenched in outdated technology. IT departments are holding companies hostage and quite possibly dooming these companies to an eventual systematic demise.

The good news — we’re sitting at a special moment in history when technology is becoming simple enough for business users to partner with IT to create their own applications and new business models that will disrupt everything! The rise of “No-Code” AppDev is underway and your business can greatly benefit. BUT, you need to put new strategies and new no-code technologies in place to take advantage of this newfound power. The culture in most IT departments is not well suited to move quickly when it comes to technology. With no-code platforms, the technology barriers are removed opening the door for innovation to happen quickly and efficiently, not to mention saving 50-70% on your current IT spend.

IT departments’ skepticism can be a stumbling block and hinder initiatives. Remember they’ve spent their whole careers becoming experts in coding. Having a technology that replaces much of their traditional mindset would cause anyone to throw up roadblocks

Here are the top three objections IT may use when you attempt to use a no-code platform:

  1. Security: The no-code applications won’t align with security requirements.
  2. Complex Business Logic: No-code platforms can’t handle complex business logic.
  3. Mobile & Web: We need mobile and web apps.

The answer to these objections and a long list of other IT objections is DELIVERED! Vinyl can handle your security, business logic and all our apps are mobile and web optimized without writing a single line of code.

Next stop — your business. Disrupt or be disrupted!

But how can you disrupt when you can’t even launch a mobile app your IT department has been working on for eight months? You need 20 or 30 apps now! Because of outdated stagnant development methodologies, your IT department’s hands are tied. With numerous programming languages and antiquated legacy systems that require complex integrations on disparate databases, they just don’t have the time or bandwidth to develop your apps. Along with long time-frames we see budgets for technology soaring without a measurable return. Even simple requests to digitize a process take months and years to see the light of day.

The first thing you need to do is devise a new strategy to digitally disrupt your IT department. Stop listening to excuses and start making sure your business goals are being met.

How? Vinyl™. Zudy has built the most revolutionary enterprise-ready AppDev platform the world has ever seen. Business can now take back control of innovation and digitally disrupt at will. Why be constrained by old technology when your team can build a powerful enterprise-ready solution in a few days with Vinyl?

If you need a better way to manage and track production, let Zudy build it in a week. Maybe one of your systems is not mobile and your team needs mobile access. Let’s mobilize and modernize that system in a week without replacing it. That’s right, start to set timeframes that make sense for your business.

Zudy will build your first app for you to prove it! Don’t take our word for it, in one week you will start digitizing your world. We mean it. Let’s Go. Zudy…Be Quick.

A few examples of industries that Zudy is engaged with:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Legal
  • Accounting

Let us help your business!

A few of the enterprises powered by Zudy

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