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Thought leadership requires authentic innovations and moving people to greater insights.

Vinyl is a unique perspective on the world of programming.

We believe removing the complexities of technology and allowing people in your enterprise to communicate and innovate directly with computers is essential in scaling and fostering the next big leap.

Programmers will argue. Big companies that sell complex technology will fight. That’s ok. There’s always a healthy battle when there is true thought leadership.

We believe opening up the communication with computers and devices will be critical for your company to deliver real time solutions and enable exponential innovation.

Today, the experts within your company must rely on programmers to translate their innovative ideas to computers and devices. As we all know, things often get lost in translation. What if the technology was made transparent and your people could deliver direct innovation in the field, in the plant, and in the Boardroom? Removing the complexity of the technology would allow your company to start achieving greater efficiencies and even greater products and services. The technology layer your company lives on actually inhibits most innovations from ever happening!

Yes security, reliability, scalability are required for every Enterprise. After 30 years of building Enterprise applications we know what you expect and Vinyl has all of this and more … no programming required.

Even better, we have built in features you didn’t even know to ask for because we knew you would need them for the future in the cloud. Even responsive design for every application is built in providing a true mobile experience without coding.

In our last two endeavors, we created industry-shaping technology that changed the way companies handled data.

We are now focusing on helping Enterprises build innovation, not just more technology. Yes your people will need training and experience but they will no longer have to wait five to ten years to become an expert in five or more programming languages to build their ideas into a reality. In a few months your team will be building robust, intuitive and flexible applications that function in a truly comprehensive way within your Enterprise.

Your team will now be able to build applications without regard to devices, operating systems or databases. We will remove the technology barriers and cultivate ideas that build value to dominate the landscape.

At Zudy we promise not to use hype or buzzwords to get your attention. We commit to providing our clients with value and relevant information that helps move each client closer to their goals.

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