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Build as Many Apps as You Want Using the Vinyl Platform...

Plus Get a Free CRM for One Low Monthly Price.

Vinyl enables your Citizen Developers and IT team to build powerful Enterprise-grade apps in days. No more waiting months and years for modern solutions your business needs now.

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Receive a free CRM that is easily customizable to fit your needs along with the leading no-code platform.

Streamline solution development, improve your sales, and have faster, more powerful insights into your business without the wait. Of course, you also get free training for life and fantastic award-winning support from the Zudy team. Check out our G2 ratings and see what Vinyl customers say about this revolutionary way to grow your business.

Manage customer relationships and grow your sales pipeline, faster!

Zudy’s CRM App helps you manage customer and lead generation relationships, streamline the sales pipeline, and provides key reporting and metrics. Focus on growing your business faster with better insight and data to drive critical decisions. You can easily integrate to any upstream or downstream systems including Billing, HR, and marketing platforms to name a few.

About Zudy's Robust CRM Application
Benefits of using a CRM /
  1. Enhanced Customer Service
  2. Increased Sales
  3. Improved Customer Retention
  4. Detailed Analytics
  5. Increased Productivity
Features and Functionality /
  1. Account and Contact Management
  2. Interaction Tracking
  3. Pipeline Management
  4. Document Management
  5. Reporting Metrics and Analytics
  6. Calendar Management

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Vinyl Reviews - Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) Market

G2 2022 Summer Leader Badge
Zudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy Star

Vinyl Makes Our Business Easier!
Vinyl makes app development easy.

If we think of a problem to solve, we can envision Vinyl being able to solve it with an app. Vinyl's a very flexible product!

Apparel & Fashion Customer

DIRECtor of it

Zudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy Star

If We had Vinyl 10 Years Ago, We'd Already be billionaires.

It is extremely easy to use and fast. I can not believe the amount of flexibility in the product to develop complex applications.

Finance Customer

General Manager

Zudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy Star

Mature, Stable, Full-Featured Platform
for Application deployment.

I've been developing low-code/no-code apps to help my Team and Clients for 15 years now, and Vinyl represents an evolutionary step in the capability of this technology.

Management Consulting Customer


Zudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy StarZudy Star

Easy to Build, Use and Customize!

The team supporting our Vinyl application is dedicated to improving the solutions they offer and is always willing to work with our teams to create the best outcomes. Vinyl It's also helping us drive revenue and lower expenses in a very meaningful way at our business.

Telecommunications Client

Director of Operations


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