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We Listened! Customer feedback was crucial in identifying the path forward. While we always focus on security, connectivity, and speed, additional focus for Vinyl 3.1 was placed on infrastructure, monitoring, and performance.

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Docker Deployment

The Vinyl Framework has been reworked to support running Vinyl on Linux! This expands hosting environment options for Vinyl. Docker Deployment on Linux provides infrastructure utilities to allow you to scale and deploy faster while saving on resource and Microsoft licensing costs associated with the Windows alternative option.

User Analytics

New Page View Logs and Session Activity Logs provide insightful User data. The purpose of this read-only information is to provide greater visibility and insights into how Users engage with applications in the environment and allow tracking of sessions at a granular level of detail.

Zudy Vinyl Workbench
Zudy Vinyl Visual Builder

Performance Tracing / Debugging

Tracing is a new diagnostic feature available within Vinyl that allows Developer Users to troubleshoot applications. Tracing can be an instrumental tool for debugging performance-related issues in an app, as well as using it to troubleshoot things that aren’t working as expected in an app.

Filter Improvements

The Filter feature now supports the ability to use multiple selections when filtering. For example, you can filter on both Category and Supplier. This feature greatly improves the usability of the Filter, to allow better granularity control through search. Panels that have filtering enabled will now leverage the ability to multi-filter.

  • Multiple Selections on Filter for List Box Controls
  • Empty Selection Allows Filtering for Empty Results
Zudy Vinyl Screen

Additional features and functionality in Vinyl 3.1:

Zudy Vinyl Security Analysis Screen

Security Analysis

New User Security reports are available for Report By User and Report By App. These reports provide insights and visibility into User security access in Vinyl.

Analyze Access by:

  • Users
  • Applications
Zudy Vinyl Panel Action Screen

Panel Action Drawer

Button Controls are enhanced to allow for greater flexibility with positioning. As well, you can now easily configure and display navigation menus on Panels in the Action Drawer region.

  • Expandable and Collapsible Menu Located in the Panel Header
  • New Button Characteristic Option to Specify “Location”
Zudy Vinyl Old Mobile ScreemRight Arrow IconZudy Vinyl Mobile Improvements

Improved Responsive Design - Zones

A New Control Set called Zones allows developers to further optimize space on mobile devices. Zones provide greater flexibility and control over the layout of content. Zones allow you to take advantage of relative sizing and support the ability to scale content to fit the full width and height allotted on a page.

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Popup Page Resizing

  • More Granular Control over Popup Page Height & Width Sizing
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Business Object Types

  • Specific Business Object Types based on Intended Usage
  • New Field Usage Options
  • Integrates into Auto Page Creation
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  • Updated WYSIWYG Editor
  • Drag and Drop Images
  • Resizing of Image
  • Superscript and Subscript Support

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