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Welcome to the ZU Community. Collaborate, learn and be in the know of everything Vinyl, empowering you to change the way your business develops and delivers applications. Offerings below are available to customers and partners. Connect today to see how you can become part of our exclusive ZU Community.

ZU Connect is our exclusive developer portal that connects you to Vinyl experts and your peers. Have a question? Want to provide feedback or share insights? Looking for inspiration? Your entered comments will be matched up with a Vinyl subject matter expert.

ZU Knowledge Base

At Zudy, we love to share and transfer knowledge. The ZU Knowledge Base—a self-service online resource for working with Vinyl—provides access to Technical Documentation, Installation & Connection Guides, Training Manuals, and Training Videos to leverage and extend your Vinyl experience.

Featured Releases Documentation

Release Vinyl 3.2

Experience the Power of Vinyl 3.2! Get inspired by the new features, functionality, and streamlined UI/UX; simplifying and accelerating the process to build and maintain dynamic Vinyl apps for all your business needs. Vinyl continues to push the boundaries of no-code / low-code, iterating and innovating to provide the best future-proof platform in the universe! Vinyl groundbreaking features and functionality have just gotten easier!

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Headline Features and Functionality

Framework Consolidation

Redesigned App Workbench

Auto-build Accelerators

Security Enhancements

Noteworthy Mentions

Integrated Help providing access to Training, Release Notes, Knowledge Base, and Community Forum / Temporary Tables / Real TimeLanguage Translation Service / Updated Chart Library / New App Diagrams / Data Source Integration withNetSuite®, Azure Cosmos DB, and Quickbase / System Menu Toolbar / Enhanced Password Policy Options

Experience the Power of Vinyl 3.2
Release Vinyl 3.1

In Vinyl 3.1 we unveil jaw-dropping features and functionality; making every Vinyl app you have built, or plan to build, more capable to power your business. We Listened! Customer feedback was crucial in identifying the path forward. While we always focus on security, connectivity, and speed, additional focus for Vinyl 3.1 was placed on infrastructure, monitoring, and performance.

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Headline Features and Functionality

User Analytics

Docker Deployment

Performance Tracing

Filtering Improvements

Noteworthy Mentions

Security Analysis / Filter on Multiple Criteria and Nulls / Zones for Granular UI Control / Panel Action Drawer / Pop Up Page Width & Height Sizing / New Business Rule Types: Charts, Reporting, List & Cross Data Source / WYSIWYG Updates: Drag & Drop, Image Resize, Superscript and Subscript Support / Full Audit Now Defaulted On / Event Inheritance Now Defaulted On

Welcome to Vinyl 3.1
Release Vinyl 3.0

Vinyl 3.0 has many new powerful features included in this major release. Vinyl just got even easier, with guided process wizards, drag and drop capability, faster ways to navigate and so much more.

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Headline Features and Functionality

Application Workbench

Intelligent Workflow

Visual Builder

Native Mobile for iOS

New Site Menu

Faster Ways to Navigate

Noteworthy Mentions

Quick Grid Panel Option / New Business Rule Types: Event Logic from Tables / Push Notification on iOS Devices /Support for Zoho v2 API / Enhanced Support for the SAP ABAP Connector / API Keys Generator / Data Source Connector / Primary Key Column Automation / Logical Data Types Consolidated Lists / Managed Tables

Get to Know Vinyl 3.0
Release Vinyl 2.7

Get to know Vinyl 2.7, and our new Visual Page Builder! Display more data with new charting options and explore enhanced UI capabilities. Vinyl 2.7 offers new data editing capabilities, tooltips for customization, enhanced menus, abilities to inherit and extend data from distinct data sources and so much more!

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Headline Features and Functionality

New Control Types

MvSQL Enhancements

Customizable Help Text

Cross Data Source Table Inheritance

Logging Improvements

Improved Timezone Support

Noteworthy Mentions

Automatic Widget Authentication Accessing Vinyl REST APIs / Cross Data Source Table Inheritance / Network Graph and Marimekko Charting / Tabs and Accordion Options / Capability Bindings / Run Events on Demand

Vinyl's support ticketing system is available 24/7. This offering is for time-critical issues and questions, from hosted infrastructure requests to application development assistance. Our exceptional ZU Help team is ready to assist, especially when urgency is imperative.

Vinyl online training courses are available on-demand through ZU Academy. Whether you’re new to Vinyl or a seasoned Vinyl Developer, ZU Academy gives you the skills to build powerful business apps in weeks.

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